Fixing supports can be used on roof with corrugated fretted metal sheet. Bar’s length is 6,25 m.



  • Low cost. You only need to install a vertical edge; no need for horizontal ones.

  • Versatility. It can be put on any corrigated metal sheet (with trapezoidal profile).

  • Endurance. The fixing is to the wooden beams or on the concrete layer, it is not to the metal sheet.

  • Duration. The 6060 T6 aluminum alloy ensures very long life.

  • Watertightness. Thanks to the gaskets in the screws of the metal sheet, the water flows downwards without ever being in contact with the cover plate.





In order to properly fix, it’s important that the fixing screw fits into the underlying beam and not in an empty space.

A less robust alternative is to fix support to the corrugated sheet; this application is recommended along the whole bar and it is recommended on the terminal part when the sheet is cantilevered.

The bars must not be drilled off the roof and can be fixed with an ordinary screwdriver. They do not need any processig before laying and they adapt to most of the corrugated sheet covers available on the market.

Their shape also prevents infiltrations from rain, allowing the fixing screws to always work in optimal conditions.
It is possible to fix the omega and zeta clips in two different ways:

  • by self-drilling screws that attach directly on the profile bar;

  • by specific nuts that can be pre-assembled together with the brackets.




Zeta clips

Omega clips