Pegoraro Boiler

For more than 40 years PEGORARO GIORGIO has been producing high quality tanks for domestic and industrial hot water, with success both in Italian and foreign markets..

Pegoraro Giorgio strength is the ability to design and build customized products, tailored on customers’ needs.

In the renewable energy era, as we strongly believe in innovation and in energy saving, we have been promoters of hybrid technology, acquiring a wide experience for the design and development of the HNRG hybrid panel.

Pannelli solari termo fotovoltaici

Pegoraro Energia

Pannelli fotovoltaici ibridi

PEGORARO ENERGIA in 2009 started the production and the distribution of the innovative HNRG hybrid photovoltaic thermal panel that gives electricity and thermal energy AT THE SAME TIME.

HNRG is certified according to the technical standards ISO 9806, IEC 61215 and IEC 61730, and it has the SOLAR KEYMARK certification as well.

HNRG must be paired with a proper tank, in order to give tha maximum amount of thermal energy and hot water, even during the night time.

HNRG hybrid photovoltaic thermal panel is the evolution of solar power; it’s an all-in-one solution for saving both thermal and electric energy. Our technical department is at your disposal for any question about convenience and benefits.


Hybrid photovoltaic thermal panels, optimizing your future investment