HNRG How it works


Pannello solare ibrido termo fotovoltaico energia elettrica ELECTRIC ENERGY

The hybrid photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) panel HNRG converts solar radiation into electrical energy more than any traditional PV module, thanks to the heat exchanger on the back side of the photovoltaic module.

Because of high temperatures, traditional PV modules lose 20-25% of their efficiency in the summer time.

The PVT technology gives the cells the best working condition especially in summer and mid-seasons. Lowering the temperature of the panels increases efficency by about 20%

Pannello solare PVT HNRG acqua calda sanitaria HOT DOMESTIC WATER (HDW)

The thermal part of the system is similar to an ordinary solar thermal panel.

Eight months per year, when the solar radiation is higher, the hot water produced by HNRG usually is a great amount compared to the needs of a typical family. The temperature of the water is close to 45°C and it can be used without wasting energy by mixing with cold water.

Unlike traditional thermal solar panels there is no stagnation when nobody uses the hot water, because the temperature hardly exceeds 80°C. Besides, the wider area of the surface receiving solar radiation allows a far higher thermal energy production compared to traditional systems of the same cost, widely compensating the slightly lower average temperature of the sanitary water.

In the lower radiation times, thermal energy stored can be used to support traditional HDW production and heating systems or other uses such as washing machines or dishwashers, and the ones that work better with hot water, with strong reduction (over 80%) of electric energy consumption.

Pannello solare ibrido PVT HNRG acqua calda sanitaria + riscaldamentoHDW AND HEATING (HEAT PUMP)

Connecting HNRG panels to a heat pump leads to large energy consumption reduction; unlike the geothermal systems, there’s no need to spend money to install borehole heat exchangers.

The PVT panel works like a geothermal heat exchanger, collecting energy not only from the Sun, but from the air, from the wind, from the rain and the snow around the panel as well, instead of keeping it from the underground, acting like an air/water exchanger when there is no solar radiation. As there is no need of downhole heat exchangers, there are more chances to install the system; you only need a roof to put the panels on.

Connecting PVT modules to a heat pump is a high class solution in terms of performances; it makes other solutions, like the ones in the thermodynamic sector (for example the Striling technology or the heating engines working with hydrogen that are being used in northern Europe) to became obsolete.

A heat exchanger connected to the system allows to drain heat in excess from the panels in summertime. It also allows to dissipate thermal energy from household rooms, achieving the goal of cooling it.

You can warm up a swimming pool or a spa as well.

Pannello solare ibrido PVT HNRG climatizzazione COOLING (HEAT PUMP)

In summer, the reverse cycle of the heat pump can be used for cooling, allowing the system to keep all the advantages on traditional technologies.

Energy has to be moved outside the building by the heat pump. This can be done by using a heat exchanger of a proper size, in order to waste the proper amount of energy.

HNRG is the most complete and advanced solar solution on the market.